Dr. Eisuke Shimizu (CEO of OUI Inc.) had a presentation at the 27th Kyoto Cornea Club.
The Kyoto Cornea Club (KCC) is an invitation-only cornea society held annually in Kyoto, Japan.
As a qualification for membership, you must have at least three research papers in English on the anterior segment of the eye with an impact factor of at least five points, and you cannot participate unless you are continuing his/her research activities.

Dr. Shimizu had a presentation for KCC Award lecture.

International symposium with Lurio University and Ehime University!

A web symposium of the teleophthalmology introduction in Mozambique was done on 2021/11/16 16:30–19:30 (JST)
This symposium was co-hosted by Lurio University and Ehime University.

We are pleased to announce that our project with AMDAF to deliver the eyecare to the indigenous people in Amazon area in Brazil has been selected as Silver Economy Challenge by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)!

It is our great pleasure and honor to collaborate with IDB in this valuable project to deliver proper eyecare to the indigenous people in Brazil, who are in the marginalized areas with difficulty to access to healthcare.

We will go forward to pursue our mission to “overcome 50% of world blindness by the year 2025 with Smart Eye Camera (SEC) “, in collaboration with partners all over the world!!

In collaboration with MIRAIing, OUI Inc. started global leadership program with 19 students from 5 regions (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Austria)!

They will propose us the innovative approach to overcome world blindness at the end of the program, which will be at the end of November!

Was great seeing young innovators with lots of potential and possibilities! Looking forward to receiving cutting-edge proposals from them!!

OUI Inc. is pleased to announce our participation in the 8th Annual Scientific Conference of COECSA (College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa), the largest international ophthalmology conference in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa!

OUI Inc. will be the only Japanese company to participate in this conference, and we are also supporting the Annual Conference as a sponsor.

We will take this opportunity to let the ophthalmologists and medical institutions in Africa know about our activities, and we will do our best to encounter our future-partners as many as possible to overcome world blindness together!

OUI Inc. (International)

OUI Inc. is a company founded by 3 Japanese ophthalmologists with the goal to overcome world blindness by combining their knowledge in the field with new idea.

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