We are pleased to announce that OUI Inc. shows up on TV Program “Medical Frontiers” by NHK World! https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/medicalfrontiers/20210628/2050110/

The program will be broadcasted form the link below, with the schedule as follows:


28th June 23:30-(JST)

29th June 05:30- / 12:30- / 18:30- (JST)

3rd July 04:00-(JST)


Also the program is available from the link below at any time during 1 year, from 3rd July 2021.


The program will be also broadcasted through NHK BS1, with the schedule as below:

28th Aug 04:30-(JST)

4th Sep 04:30-(JST)

Please check it and let us update on our progress!

OUI Inc. is pleased to announce that our Smart Eye Camera (SEC), an attachment-type medical device to the iPhone to enable ophthalmic examinations, has been registered as a medical device in the European Union (EU) and is eligible for CE marking.

Through the SEC, OUI Inc. is working with the vision of overcoming blindness in the world by 50% by 2025 by delivering appropriate diagnosis to patients who have not been able to receive eyecare. …

OUI Inc., a Japanese medical startup from Keio University School of Medicine, donated 570 pairs of eyeglass frames and more than 1,500 lenses to Blantyre Institute for Community Outreach (BICO), an NGO in the Republic of Malawi, in cooperation with MEGANE TOP, one of the leading eye glasses companies in Japan.

OUI Inc. has developed the Smart Eye Camera (SEC), a smartphone attachment medical device enabling examinations of anterior segment of the eye and launched pilot projects to deliver eyecare to the patients suffering from eye diseases in the countries such as Vietnam, Mongolia, Nepal, Brazil, India, Zambia, Kenya and…

OUI Inc. is pleased to announce that we won the Seed Award in the final round of the Vision Hacker Awards 2021 for SDG 3, held in Tokyo on May 12, 2021.

The Vision Hacker Awards 2021 (VHA), sponsored by ETIC. and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is an award program that supports the next generation of “vision hackers” in low- and middle-income countries who are tackling the challenges of global health (SDG 3 global health).
In addition to funding, award recipients will receive cross-sectoral support from experts active in the fields of international health and business expansion.


OUI Inc. had scientific presentations at The 7th Asia Cornea Society Biennial Scientific Meeting (ACS2020) and The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology annual meeting 2021(ARVO 2021).

OUI Inc.is pleased to announce that a research paper on the functionality of Smart Eye Camera (SEC) has been published in the peer-reviewed journal “Translational Vision Science & Technology”.

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In this clinical study, 53 Japanese eyes (106 eyes) diagnosed with dry eye were examined using a conventional medical device (conventional slit-lamp microscope) and the SEC to evaluate clinical findings related to dry eye.

OUI Inc. is pleased to announce that we started planning to conduct a pilot study of ophthalmic telemedicine model using Smart Eye Camera (SEC) in the Republic of Guinea!

On April 21, 2021, we visited the Embassy of the Republic of Guinea in Tokyo and explained our activities and the functions of SEC to Ambassador Mr. Senkoun Sylla and First Secretary Mr. Abdoulaye Keita.
Ambassador Sylla commented that there is lack of access to eye care in rural areas due to the shortage of ophthalmologists and the uneven distribution of ophthalmologists in urban areas in Guinea and that The Embassy will…

OUI Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of several new pilot projects in Kenya, from March 2021.

In addition to the pilot with Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, which was selected for support under the TechEmerge Health East Africa program sponsored by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group, we will also be conducting several pilot projects in parallel in collaboration with local eye clinics and medical institutions. Through these projects, we aim to study the feasibility of a new ophthalmic telemedicine model using Smart Eye Camera (SEC).

After delivering the SEC to the local medical institutions, we…

OUI Inc.is pleased to announce that a research paper on the functionality of Smart Eye Camera (SEC) has been published in the peer-reviewed English journal “Diagnostics”.

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This clinical study has proven that the diagnostic results are as reliable as existing slit-lamp microscope in the evaluation of the allergic conjunctival diseases using 32 eyes from 17 cases.

OUI Inc. (International)

OUI Inc. is a company founded by 3 Japanese ophthalmologists with the goal to overcome world blindness by combining their knowledge in the field with new idea.

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