Donating 1,156 Pairs of Sunglasses to Kisii eye Hospital

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3 min readApr 10, 2022

OUI Inc. is pleased to announce that we donated 1,156 pairs of sunglasses to Kisii Eye Hospital in Kenya in cooperation with MEGANETOP Co., Ltd., Japanese glasses company.

Donated Sunglasses

MEGANE TOP focuses its CSR activities on “eye-related social contribution activities. This is the second collaboration between MEGANE TOP and OUI Inc., following the joint donation of eyeglass frames and lenses to the Republic of Malawi in Africa last year.

In Kenya, blindness and visual impairment due to preventable eye diseases caused by a lack of ophthalmologists and medical personnel are serious issues. Kisii Eye Hospital, the recipient of this donation, has been vigorously working to provide eye care to patients in rural areas where access to eye care is difficult. The donated items arrived at Kisii Eye Hospital in March 2022 and are being used immediately for post-operative cataract surgery patients.

Kisii Eye Hospital has an active rural outreach program and performs over 10,000 cataract surgeries annually on rural patients who have difficulty accessing to eyecare. Founder of Kisii Eye Hospital, Dr. Daniel Kiage was the awardee of the Vision Excellence Awards 2020 from the International Alliance for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), the global peak of international eye health, which recognizes organizations and individuals who have contributed to international blindness prevention activities. Since March 2021, OUI Inc. and Kisii Eye Hospital have been collaborating the joint-pilot project in which Smart Eye Camera has been used for screening during their outreach in the rural fields of Kenya.

Kisii Eye Hospital staff using the Smart Eye Camera to diagnose children in rural Kenya.
Patients after cataract surgeries in Kisii Eye Hospital
Donated sunglasses for post-operative eye protection for cataract surgery patients

Message from Dr. Daniel Kiage, Kisii Eye Hospital

Greetings from Kisii, Kenya.

I could formally wish to acknowledge that we received the consignment of 1156 very high quality sunglasses as donation. We most sincerely thank the Megane Top and OUI Inc. for the generosity. We started giving them to the outreach poor patients whom we do cataract surgery for free because they can not afford the recommended sunglasses to protect themselves from excessive sun, dust and wind that we experience here. Paying patients normally afford to buy our local branded sunglasses.

The patients were greatly appreciative of the free sunglasses as shown in the pictures we shared. We told them the sunglasses were donated from Japan and they asked us to pass their gratitude to the donors. Since Covid 19 is now under control we have started our free outreach and we are getting a huge backlog of blind patients in the community who direly need our help. We do need as much support as available to meet this need.

Please see link below to our February 2022 newsletter that shows our outreach activities that have been enhanced in March and now April.

We OUI Inc. will continue to work to overcome world preventable blindness in cooperation with various companies, organizations, NPOs, and international organizations!!!



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