OUI Inc. has won the Asian Entreneurship Award (AEA)!

OUI Inc. (International)
2 min readOct 27, 2022

OUI Inc. is pleased to announce that our CEO, Dr. Eisuke has won the 1st Prize of Asian Entreneurship Award, which was held from 26th Oct to 27th Oct 2022!

ASIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2022 (AEA2022) is Japan-led innovation creation project in collaboration with Asian countries.

AEA 2022 brought together 24 selected startups from across Asia providing solutions in the areas of Healthcare, Work & Life style, and Sustainability. During the event, the startups delivered business presentations showcasing their services and products, with the winners being selected on the basis of a wide range of criteria.

On the 1st day, 24 Asian companies that were selected through a document review process were divided into 6 groups as semi-finalists and each group of 4 companies made a pitch. The selected companies out of the 4 companies will proceed to the 2nd day, as finalists.

OUI Inc. passed the semi-final on the 1st day and proceeded to the final on the 2nd day.

In the final, 6 finalists from Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, India and other countries made the pitch presentation. As a result of the pitch-competition in the final , OUI Inc. won the first place!
We also won the Life Science Award and IP Bridge Award in parallel!

We are happy to receive feedback that OUI Inc. won this award because of the simple design of our Smart Eye Camera(SEC) and the large potential of SEC combining telemedicine and AI.
Also, we are very proud to be the winner of this competition, since Japanese companies have not won the award in the recent 7 years!!

We will continue to work with various partners throughout Japan and around the world to expand the new remote-diagnosis model using Smart Eye Camera for overcoming world blindness!



OUI Inc. (International)

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