OUI Inc. Wins the Gold Award at IAUD International Design Award 2023

OUI Inc. (International)
3 min readFeb 28, 2024

OUI Inc., a venture company originating from Keio University School of Medicine, is pleased to announce that it has won the Gold Award in the healthcare and welfare category at the IAUD International Design Award.

About IAUD International Design Award:

The IAUD International Design Award aims to internationally recognize organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions or proposals towards realizing a universally designed society where everyone can live comfortably, regardless of differences in ethnicity, culture, customs, religion, nationality, gender, age, or ability. It is operated by the International Association for Universal Design (IAUD), a public interest incorporated association. The award aims to promote the creation of a sustainable inclusive society that respects diversity and inclusivity, values human rights and humanity, fosters voluntary and sustainable dialogue, and ensures the inheritance of wisdom and skills across generations.

Starting as the “IAUD Award” in 2010, it was renamed the “IAUD International Design Award” in 2018 and has been held annually since then. OUI Inc. received the award at the IAUD International Design Award 2023, which took place in the fiscal year 2023.

About The Award This Year:

The IAUD International Design Award 2023 received 44 entries from eight countries around the world (United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, China, and Japan). Among them, OUI Inc.’s efforts toward the prevention of avoidable blindness and the eradication of visual impairment worldwide received the Gold Award in the healthcare and welfare category!

Mr. Rama Giralao, one of the judges, commented, “A simple, practical, and fair solution to the diagnostic challenges of eye diseases in areas with limited medical facilities and personnel!”

For more information, please refer to the list of initiatives awarded the IAUD International Design Award 2023: https://www.iaud.net/award/22968/.

About OUI Inc. and Smart Eye Camera (SEC):

OUI Inc. is a venture company originating from Keio University School of Medicine, which aims to “reduce global blindness by 50% and protect people’s health through their eyes.” It is a collaborative effort of medical, engineering, and business professionals. OUI Inc. has developed the Smart Eye Camera (SEC), an iPhone attachment-type medical device that enables ophthalmic examinations. The device utilizes the camera and light source of the iPhone. It is the first of its kind in Japan and has been proven to have equivalent performance to existing slit lamp microscopes through animal experiments and clinical studies using human eyes.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Despite the high likelihood of preventing blindness with early treatment, cataract-induced blindness is a social issue in developing countries. The SEC, being a compact medical device that attaches to an iPhone, enables ophthalmic examinations without the need for immediate electricity or other extentions, making it possible to conduct simple & quick examinations in areas without electricity or in disaster-affected areas.



OUI Inc. (International)

OUI Inc. is a startup, a professional collaboration of Medicine, Engineering, and Business to save people’s health through their eyes. https://ouiinc.jp/en/top/