SEC Online Training for Piloting in Mozambique!

In preparation for the launching the pilot of Smart Eye Camera (SEC) in Mozambique, we have conducted two online training sessions for the Mozambican students from Ehime University who will be returning to Mozambique soon and will lead our pilot.

Today, the second session, we had a more practical test with the cooperation of the company where the international students are working as intern, where they filmed the colleagues’ eyes with the SEC app and the doctor made a diagnosis based on the videos they took.

There were a few issues that we realized by doing this test, but all in all, we could take very positive perspective! We will make use of this reflection and continue to make improvements for the implementation of the pilot project in Mozambique!

Online lecture on how to use SEC and SEC App
OJT with the help of employees
With practice, they have improved a lot to take movies preferable for diagnosis!!